Posted: November 3, 2016

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Tampa, Fla. (November 3, 2016) — The Chinese people have a saying,
“hóng hóng huǒ huǒ”, or literally “red, red, fire, fire” meaning the life of someone expands, prospers. To the Chinese, Red is the primary color for fire, vitality, celebration, and happiness.

“Red Everything” explores the maturation of self. Shark Toof’s new work asks the viewer to participate in optimism, possibilities, potential, in an environment of abandonment. Fire to the unrepresented, the underprivileged.

Red to the overlooked, the less fortunate, the misfits, the underground, the south sides. These new paintings are socially and politically loaded with an atmosphere of feeling like a stalemate, asking who is the predator and who is the prey? Where are we safe physically, emotionally, spiritually?

“Red Everything” will run from November 4 until December 30.

Shark toothOpening Friday, November 4, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.
Cass Contemporary
2722 South MacDill Avenue
Tampa, FL 33629


Shark Toof is best known internationally for his iconic wheat paste image of a hand drawn shark with TOOF in the mouth. Although the shark’s reputation is often fearsome, Toofuses the image instead to give strength, optimism, and possibility to the viewer. His use of expressive, layered strokes and contrasting colors allows the onlooker to seek their own expression and inner voice. The shark icon is a voice of rebellion, a conduit for the unheard, and an homage to graffiti art and its purpose.

His most recent accomplishments include a second showing at the Chinese American Museum where he is part of their permanent collection, a show with The Everhart Museum in Pennsylvania, and two 100-foot murals located in Los Angeles and Miami. Shark Toof’s murals have become internationally recognized through media such as Lebron James’ commercial for Samsung’s Galaxy Note II and Apple’s newest iPad commercial.


CASS Contemporary is based in Tampa, Florida. CASS Contemporary opened in 2014 with the intent of bringing national renowned contemporary artists to the Tampa Bay area. In two short years,

CASS Contemporary has attracted international superstar artists including HUEMAN, Mateu Velasco, Saner and Ben Frost, as well as Tampa’s rising stars BASK and Jujmo. CASS Contemporary has also partnered with Marriott Autograph Collection Hotel, The Epicurean, to host its satellite gallery. The Epicurean satellite gallery has showcased work from renowned artists Derek Gores, Gregory Berg and Max Kauffman. CASS Contemporary brought live artist battle, Secret Walls, to Tampa and St. Petersburg featuring artists Greg Mike, Michael Reeder, the Vitale Brothers and others.

CASS Contemporary has worked closely with SHINE Mural Festival to bring national artists to the Tampa area. CASS Contemporary also was commissioned to bring murals with Mateu Velasco, Tes One and BASK to the Tampa area along with a mural by international artist Tristan Eaton created exclusively for the world-famed Bern’s Steak House’s “Bern’s Wine Fest.” CASS Contemporary has launched a print company, CASS LTD, for its artists to create and distribute prints.

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