Restaurant Supervisor

Department: Food & Beverage

Reports to: Outlet General Manager & Assistant Manager

Status: Non-Exempt

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Job Description
Position: Restaurant Supervisor
Location: Fort Myers, FL
Reports to: Outlet General Manager, Outlet Assistant Manager
Status: Non-Exempt

Job Summary:
Restaurant Supervisor will be responsible for exceptional service to all guests, develops and maintains a strong team environment. Responsible to support the Food & Beverage management team with the day to day operations for the outlet.

**Please note, Mainsail Lodging & Development is a drug-free workplace. Pre-employment screening, to include a background test and drug screen, is required for all candidates offered a position.

Essential Functions

• Responsible for daily function of the outlet operations.
• Ensure that scheduled functions are complete and are set up accurately
• Assist in maintaining a motivated, interactive positive team
• Assist with on boarding and training staff
• Maintain professionalism with team members, managers and guests.
• Open and close shift in accordance with the manager’s checklist
• Greet guests, initiate conversations with guests and solicit feedback from guests.
• Handle daily scheduling of team members and adjust when necessary
• Implement proper tools for running shifts: e.g. Schedules, floor plans, reservations, etc.
• Solve team member issues such as call outs or any other daily issue that should arise with team members
• Find solutions to guest issues such as last-minute changes in reservations, cancellations, etc.
• Stay on the floor the entire meal period
• Monitor hours and watch the flow of business and make cuts appropriately as to not negatively affect the service levels.
• Ensure daily side work has been completed prior to staff leaving
• Ensure team is in proper uniform/approved attire
• Attempt to limit problems and liability related to customers’ drinking by following TIPS practices
• Ensure team members are aware of all applicable laws regarding alcoholic beverages
• Monitor and maintain tables
• Rotate stations fairly
• Demonstrate positive communication with team
• Maintain fair and consistent coaching and counseling
• Attend meetings as necessary
• Communicate and maintain positive inter-departmental relations
• Check identification of customers in order to verify age requirements for purchase of alcohol
• Communicate with managers and next shift any issues
• Perform other duties as management requests to service our guests

Qualification Standards

Education & Experience
• High School diploma or higher
• Previous Hospitality Food & Beverage experience required
• Excellent customer service skills
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
• Ability to use technology e.g. tablets, iPads
• Experience with Micros POS preferred
• Experience with OpenTable restaurant management software or Yelp Reservations management software preferred

Physical Demands
• Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time
• Ability to communicate clearly
• Corrected vision to normal range
• Ability to work long hours as needed

Mental Demands
• Make sound judgments quickly
• Work on multiple tasks, making appropriate progress towards deadlines
• Able to work independently, take direction, and provide direction to others
• Manage differing personalities within the office, the hotel, and the community
• Maintain the highest degree of confidentiality
• Ability to work effectively in stressful, high pressure situations
• Ability to effectively handle challenges in the workplace, including anticipating, preventing, identifying and solving problems as necessary

NOTICE: The hotel business functions seven days a week, 24 hours a day. All employees must realize this fact and be aware that at all times it may be necessary to move associates from their accustomed shift as business demands. In addition, this is a hospitality business and a hospitable service atmosphere must be projected at all times.

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Date Posted:
March 6, 2023

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