Oxbow Retail Supervisor

Department: Food & Beverage

Reports to: Oxbow Bar & Grill General Manager

Status: Non-Exempt

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Job Summary:

Oxbow Retail Supervisor is responsible for the ongoing Operations of the Oxbow/Boaters Republic Retail Space to include overseeing team members, maintaining inventory, maintaining the sales floor, and ensuring an exceptional personalized service to all guests that is consistent and continually in accordance to the Management Company of Mainsail Lodging & Development.

Essential Functions

  • Oversee Team Members:  Oversee the professional activities of the Oxbow Retail Associates which would include advising staff, assisting General Manager in Performance Reviews, training new Associates and scheduling.
  • Meet Financial Goals:  Assisting with Budgets, analyzing expenditures and evaluating amount of merchandise delivered versus the amount sold.
  • Maintain Inventory: Ensuring that deliveries are on time and counts are accurate, as well as performing monthly inventories and reporting results. Identifying additional products to sell and determining those that do not so future purchases are optimized.
  • Maintain Sales Floor:  Responsible for setting up new displays, ensuring that store is clean and orderly and making sure shelves are stocked.
  • Customer Service:  Responsible to deliver the highest customer service by helping customers, addressing their questions and comments.  This could include helping customers find specific items, providing refunds and resolving complaints/issues.
  • Recordkeeping:  Must be able to keep detailed records, including expenditure reports, sales figures and employee performance.  Be able to utilize an online inventory system for checking in inventory, reconciling with open PO’s, reporting, and ordering.


Qualification Standards

Education & Experience

  • High School diploma or higher
  • Previous supervisor experience preferred in the hospitality or retail industry
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to use technology e.g. tablets, iPads

Physical Demands

  • Ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time
  • Ability to bend
  • Ability to lift, pull 40 lbs
  • Ability to communicate clearly
  • Corrected vision to normal range
  • Ability to work long hours as needed

Mental Demands

  • Make sound judgments quickly
  • Work on multiple tasks, making appropriate progress towards deadlines
  • Able to work independently, take direction, and provide direction to others
  • Manage differing personalities within the office, the hotel and the community
  • Maintain the highest degree of confidentiality
  • Ability to work effectively in stressful, high pressure situations
  • Ability to effectively handle challenges in the workplace, including anticipating, preventing, identifying, and solving problems as necessary

NOTICE:  The hotel business functions seven days a week, 24 hours a day.  All associates must always realize this fact and be aware that it may be necessary to move associates from their accustomed shift as business demands.  In addition, this is a hospitality business and a hospitable service atmosphere must always be projected.


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Date Posted:
August 23, 2022

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