Kitchen Steward

Department: Culinary

Reports to: Culinary Leadership Staff

Status: Non-Exempt

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Hiring Dishwasher & kitchen stewards of all levels.

New Hotel Opening, 5 kitchens different concepts

Full Benefits package after 60 days of employment, with other Marriot benefits attached.
Pay levels starting @ $12- $14 per hour based on experience and position.
Not only full time but If you are looking part-time for a second Job just to get a few extra hours, we can work with you. Flexible with hours and schedules …..


It’s about “grit” : an “attitude” : an elevated level of “respect” for all : a “curiosity” to seek a means to an end :

a “commitment” to understanding the “process” : a “desire” to nurture “relationships

We are seeking unique individual’s who will embody the heart and soul of a true epicurean while caring deeply about our brand and community both internal and external. Someone who acts as an extension of our mission, values, and culture. This person is driven to create meaningful experiences for our fellow colleagues, team members, guests, and community alike all whilst simultaneously ensuring the success and profitability of the Epicurean Hotel, Atlanta.

We wish to work with colleagues who can bring a spirit of fun, authenticity, collaboration, and genuine hospitality to their life & work. We are seeking individuals who have the ability to be part of bringing the vision of the Epicurean to life.

We as the Mainsail Epicurean team has worked hard, poured passion, energy, and excitement into crafting an extraordinary place and brand, and we know the right culinary colleagues will be inspired and passionate about this dynamic vision and we are.

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Date Posted:
August 10, 2021

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