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Status: Exempt

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Hotel Forty Five, Tribute Portfolio (Opening December 2021)


Do you consider yourself a leader who feeds off the energy of being in the midst of the action? Are you a food and beverage visionary ready to execute your concepts and step up as Hotel General Manager?  Do you have a passion for serving people and creating amazing moments?  Discover Mainsail Lodging & Development, a dynamic, established company that enjoys the flexibility and agility of an entrepreneurial start-up.

We consider ourselves the guide and our guests are our heroes!  We celebrate and support them all while sharing our unique story. Our personality, narrative and services are specifically designed to provide the ultimate experience for our guests, and we need you to fully develop those while creating one-of-a-kind touchpoints that will make no two stays the same. And, of course, it’s our people who bring that experience to life.

The ideal General Manager is the “quarterback” who actively participates in the operation and leads by example, constantly analyzing, inspecting, and innovating the operation and service delivery. This leadership role will implement the company’s hyper-local hospitality principles by understanding the community’s concerns and needs, which may include charitable and volunteering opportunities, participation in neighborhood association meetings and forging partnerships with local merchants, farmers, roasters, brew masters and artisans of the communities which we thrive in.

Hotel Forty Five

Our hotel stands on the iconic corner of Cotton Avenue and Cherry Street. While the intersection creates an angle of 45 degrees, our name is also a nod to Macon’s musical past (45 records).  We are the keeper of this iconic corner, the record of its greatness and the player of its stories.

If Macon’s soul is the heart of Georgia, this hotel is the heartbeat creating connections between locals and travelers that keep the rhythm steady. By embodying the spirit of an invested local, we contribute to furthering Macon’s atmosphere of friendship and familiarity.

Nothing here is an accident. From the very beginning, Macon was built on purposeful intersections because when people of different backgrounds and passions have a place to connect, the results are something special. Far more than a stop, this hotel is the hub of Macon’s rich stories, attractions, and a future filled with excitement.

The hotel will offer 94 gracious rooms and amenities include a rooftop bar, specialty restaurant, coffee bar, 2,000 square feet of meeting space and fitness center.

Who We Are

The hotel will be managed by Mainsail Lodging & Development, which was founded in 1999 by Joe Collier and Juli Corlew. The duo has grown Mainsail Lodging & Development from one lodging complex to a multi-faceted portfolio which includes the upper upscale brands of Autograph Collection Hotels and Tribute Portfolio, in addition to vacation rentals and a corporate housing business operating nationwide. Driven by the belief that each of our hotels should have a compelling story and seamlessly intertwine with the local community, Mainsail has learned to deliver inspiring experiences while cultivating a passionate following of advocates in each of their destinations. Hotel Forty Five will be this and more!

Who You Are

Your past experiences have led you to understand that community happens organically by being sincerely authentic and purposely intentional. There is an art and science to getting a hotel experience just right, and it revolves around people. A carefully selected and developed group of individuals will inspire one another to be the best they can be, and when given the opportunity, will create life changing moments. You are the coach who defines the mission, while motivating and focusing the team to deliver memorable experiences. In your personal life you are insatiably curious, seeking out the new and discovering a variety of adventures. You are open minded, naturally enthusiastic, a great listener and cheerfully collaborative. You believe life’s great instants are meant to be shared, and your passions span a spectrum of art, music, education and sports. And you’re capable of telling a great story!

Experiences Preferred


  • Strong background in leading food and beverage outlets;
  • Experience in concepting, positioning and marketing restaurants;
  • Hotel experience with an upper-upscale boutique or lifestyle brand is a plus;
  • Have led or participated in a hotel or major restaurant opening is optimal;
  • Demonstrated participation in leading or sponsoring community events or organizations; can also demonstrate the building of past relationships with local merchants.


What You Will Do


  • Leads the pre-opening effort for the hotel by serving as the project leader of the critical path for the hotel team; collaborates frequently with Mainsail headquarters for support, clarification, direction, approval and potential risks; comfortable in leading through ambiguity to achieve certainty.
  • Takes ownership of the short and long-term profitability of the hotel. Although not required to be a financial expert, the GM can interpret a P&L fluently to understand what the needs are to drive top-line revenue and what costs to control and enhance GOP.
  • Acts as the mayor of the neighborhood and creates relationships and connections within the local community by knowing every merchant, operator, and owner within their vicinity. The role participates in local boards, community service projects, and events which strategically align with our brand.
  • Attracts and selects the most qualified, on-brand talent; develops and coaches associates for future advancement; and guides the leadership team in their role and purpose in developing their people and identifying ways to improve the work environment through practices, tools and communication.
  • Relentlessly reinforces the company’s ideologies to ensure the tenets of hyper local hospitality, intuitive service, and teamwork are consistently practiced and modeled by all associates.
  • Creates a Food + Beverage driven environment, ensuring the hotel’s restaurant concepts are in full force. Partners closely with the leaders of Food+ Beverage to ensure offerings are locally sourced and produced, of the highest quality and celebrate the locality of the hotel. Passionately aware of average checks, VIP reservations, special events, costs, signature dishes and the mixologist’s recent creation.
  • A selfless, hands-on operator who, if called upon, will be comfortable in stripping beds, plating dishes, carrying luggage, and fluffing pillows. As a flat organization, the General Manager will need to participate as much as they lead.
  • Encourages employees to follow instincts and use their best judgment to create experiences for guests that are thoughtful and authentic; ensures associates are educated thoroughly on Mainsail’s methods; consistently models and upholds Mainsail’s standards and code of ethics; utilizes guest feedback to improve service delivery.
  • Believes in and exhibits the service chain profit theory and knows engaged employees create engaged and repeat guests.
  • Dives deep into the sales and marketing efforts by measuring the effectiveness of broad-based marketing plans and yield management efforts to diversify sources of revenue while maximizing all viable market segments.


How You Lead

  • Bold: Comfortable in seeking out new experiences, exploring the unknown and rarely rides a desk, while encouraging associates to do the same. Discovers the hidden stories and insights of their communities, and continually explores their neighborhood and city to identify what is new. Understands that the FOMO (fear of missing out) can be a positive motivation.
  • Expressive: Demonstrates an extroverted personality; fueled by meeting new people, forming new partnerships, and creating new experiences. Seek and initiate new relationships within the hotel and community and take a general interest in the personal stories of the individuals they meet and with whom they work.
  • Harmonious: Sees the bumps in the road ahead of time and takes precaution to steer around and resolve potential conflict with all stakeholders; works within the community to establish mutually beneficial relationships; can be chameleon and shape their style and presence to fit any situation and audience.
  • Intelligent: Exhibits emotional maturity and intellectual health to adapt to a variety of people from all walks of life and situations that may occur. They remain unflappable in contentious situations and knowledgeable in how to deescalate emotional responses.


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March 11, 2021

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