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Creative, Resourceful, Committed and Empowered

Mainsail Lodging & Development is a dynamic, established company that enjoys the flexibility and agility of an entrepreneurial start-up. President Joe Collier and his leadership team have created a high-performing environment that emphasizes collaboration and communication between employees, partners, and investors.

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How We Started

Founded in Tampa, Florida in 1998, Mainsail Lodging & Development was created by Joe Collier with a combination of daring vision and dogged determination, supported by a group of enterprising investors. Our story is longer than a sonnet, but shorter than a Tom Clancy novel.

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Who We Are

We are passionate. We are diverse. We are committed to excellence. And we’ve been known to have a few laughs together. Leveraging years of hospitality experience, the Mainsail team features a depth and breadth of knowledge that ensures projects are well-positioned for success and profitability.

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What We Do

Mainsail Lodging & Development is a Tampa, Florida-based company specializing in hotel, corporate furnished housing, and resort property management and development, marketing and sales. Mainsail prides itself in seeking unique lodging opportunities with a purpose.

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Work Here. Stay Here. Belong Here.

At Mainsail, we believe that when people feel respected and included, they can be more creative and successful. We embrace the distinctive/unique attributes, ideas, perspectives, and experiences of our team members and guests. We strive to create a culture where all associates/team members can bring their best selves, creating a workplace that mirrors the diversity of the communities we are part of.

In Our Own Words

We believe in authentic experiences and genuine conversations. We invite you to get to know us, and through us, our company. This is where it gets real.